An Interview with Convulsic

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Check out the interview between Chairman/CEO of MooreSuccess Inc. James K. Moore and Convulsic.


JAMES: Thanks for taking the time to do this interview with me.


Convulsic: No problem, it’s a pleasure.


JAMES: Wonderful, to begin, I want to ask you one of the most important questions which is, when and why did you become an entertainer?


Convulsic: I have been making music since I was five. I started in reggae groups like sublime or something, and now make Dubstep.


JAMES: How would you define your style?


Convulsic: Melodic Dubstep. People tell me it is electronic music with emotion which I feel is missing from EDM.


JAMES: What was the first type of music you listened to?


Convulsic: I remember being obsessed with Metallica when I was younger. I purchased the black album as soon as I could.


JAMES: Very interesting. I would love to know where your talent comes from. Is your family musically inclined?


Convulsic: Actually no. I am the first.


JAMES: [Shocked]. There must be one family member with musical interests and abilities.


Convulsic: I think my stepmom plays piano, but for the most part I am shocked to say they are not musically inclined.


JAMES: Wow. So tell me, which famous artists do you admire most and why?


Convulsic: There is a lot of them and for different reasons. I admire Skrillex for his production abilities, but I also admire Jay-Z for his understanding of the business.


JAMES: Which famous artists have you learned the most from?


Convulsic: I have learned from so many of them. Realistically I have even learned from members outside of my genre as well. It is hard to pinpoint just one.


JAMES: Nice. I would now like to know more your accomplishments in the industry. Have you been in competitions or won any prizes?


Convulsic: Yes. I always enter any competition I can. I feel it is important to place your music in as many places as possible. Even if I lose someone will hear it. I have won many contests, most recent was through, where I won publishing.


JAMES: Congratulations. So, do you have many performances? Tell me a little bit about your concerts, radio, or TV appearances?


Convulsic: Yes. I feel that public performance is the best way to get a personal interaction with those who love my music.


JAMES: Wonderful. What advice would you give to beginners who are new to the industry?


Convulsic: Always make music. If there is even one person who likes it, it is worth it.


JAMES: Great advice. Where do you see the music industry in the next 5 years?


Convulsic: Honestly, I think the music industry changes so quickly, that it’s hard to say. I just want to be a part of it.


JAMES: Well you have already touched on my next question, but professionally what’s your goal?


Convulsic: I want to show people that helping others will take you a long way in this industry. Who knows, that person may be your boss someday.


JAMES: This is true. What’s your artistic outlook on life?


Convulsic: Everything is music. I feel like everything has a bounce or some kind of rhythm to it. Finding out what that it opens the door to all kinds of creative outlets.


JAMES: Describe a real life situation that inspired you?


Convulsic: Watching Incubus play the greatest hits tour. Anytime I hear music I get inspired to make it.


JAMES: What obstacles or hurdles did you have to overcome to make it to where you are today?


Convulsic: My biggest hurdles come from the challenges I put on myself. I am always the most critical of my own work.


JAMES: I wonderful response to end this interview. Well, I want to thank you once again for taking the time out to do this interview with me. I know you’re a busy guy. I look forward to more of your hot tracks [shakes Convulsic hand].


Convulsic: Thank you anytime.

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