An Interview with Cia Dm

Check out the interview between Chairman/CEO of MooreSuccess Inc. James K. Moore and Cia Dm.


James: When and why did you start music/entertaining?

Cia Dm: I started music entertaining because I’m in love with music since as a child. I started working on my first album 5 years ago. I worked all my life in aviation, and my priority was to secure my family. Now my kids are bigger, so I have the time needed for my passion.

James: How would you define your style?

Cia Dm: My style is as the title of the album: EKLEKTIK, meaning I’m a Belgium-Portuguese woman born in Congo, and actually living in South Africa. So all my life I heard all style of music…African, Latino, French Rock, English Rock and pop. I followed 6 years of classical piano lessons so even classical music was part of my life too…At 16 years old I discovered techno and house music and I’m still following popular DJ’s…So this first album represents my love for the different variety of music, this album is a mix of Congolese songs I composed in Congo, French pop songs I composed in Belgium, Rock songs such as Pink Floyd, reggae song as Hotel California… this album is a colored album in French, Swahili and English. We live in a world of mixed colors

James: That is a great way to describe and define your style.

James: Ok, so what was the first type of music you listened to?

Cia Dm: The first music I listened to was Rock from the 70’s and 80’s. That’s why in my album was an honor to sing songs from Pink Floyd in French, my favorite Rock group.

James: Is your family musically inclined?

Cia Dm: No musician in my family, I’m the first one. But my parents and uncles use to listen a lot of music so I grew up in a variety of all styles.

James: Describe your family member’s musical interests and abilities.

Cia Dm: I lost half of my family…but in the happy days, they used to listen to Latin music (mostly from Brazil) a lot of Rock groups such as Genesis, Pink Floyd, Dire straits, Chris Rea, The doors, Santana….

James: Sorry to hear that about your family. But, it looks like you were able to enjoy the time you spent while they were here.

James: Moving along which famous artists do you admire? Why?

Cia Dm: Pink Floyd, because they were visionary, I love their lyrics and their guitar style. I also love Santana a lot.

James: Which famous artists have you learned from?

Cia Dm: Again, I’d have to say Santana and Pink Floyd.

James: Have you been in competitions? Won any prizes?

Cia Dm: My song KAJI YETU was number one of the greatest hits in DRC Congo during the last month of July.

James: Awesome! That is a great accomplishment.

Cia Dm: Thank you.

James: Do you perform in public? Describe those occasions? Concerts, radio, TV?

Cia Dm: I did few small concerts, to experiment on the scene, and I loved it! But since the creation of my album, no concerts yet. I did few TV’s interview and acoustic playing of “Changer le Monde.”

James: What advice would you give to beginners who are new to the industry?

Cia Dm: Keep loving the music for what she is…not for money…and be very patient and perseverant. Success comes at the right time…sometimes it can take a very long time…but keep having faith in your art.

James: Where do you see the music industry in the next 5 years?

Cia Dm: I see the music industry overfilled…because of internet, YouTube etc.…everyone can do music at home. It is a good point but also bad as we have too many artists now…the problem then becomes how do you make a selection of the true artists and the fake? I think in 5 years, the world will need more authentic and organic music.


James: What music wouldn’t you do?

Cia Dm: I’m open to all styles of music, but the one I like the least is Rap.

James: Professionally what’s your goal?

Cia Dm: My goal is first to keep enjoying what I’m doing, and secondly I would like to become popular and to use that popularity for helping my native country, DRC Congo to make discovering the richness of musical Congolese culture.

James: What’s your artistic outlook on life?

Cia Dm: I’m more of an author/composer than show girl…I would like to enjoy the scene a few years enjoying a nice musical tour all over the world, but in few years I would like to sell my compositions. Being in studio, writing, playing, trying new stuff, is the side of the industry that I prefer

James: Describe a real life situation that inspired you?

Cia Dm: I’m an engaged artist so I can only admire artist who are doing music for themselves but also for helping the world, does not matter how, but doing something positive for the world through music…

One example, in France there are ‘’Resto du Coeur’’ which is a volunteer association of popular musicians playing together to help poor people…I would like one day to be a part of such a nice association, helping with our art is a beautiful gift.

James: What obstacles or hurdles did you have to overcome to make it to where you are today?

Cia Dm: I worked a lot to be where I’m today…even if it’s only the beginning for my musical career, it has been very hard…I lost six members of my family in five years, each year was a hill to ascend, step by step. When you lose someone you love, your entire life is destabilized, your faith in life is broken… and I had to work while carrying for my 2 kids and my husband. It was very hard and I realized after those bad years, that we only live one life as One Republic said in a song, so we really have to follow our dreams.

That’s why I decided 5 years ago to work on my first album, because through all those difficult years, music has always been there, taking care of my broken heart…every time I was feeling sad, I listened to music, and it was curative for me. Music is my therapy

James: Wow, that was very deep. It was a pleasure speaking with you and learning so much about you. Your talent and drive are very inspiring. I look forward to your next album and would love to speak with you again. [shakes Cia Dm’s hand].

Cia Dm: Thank you, I would love to be back again.


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