Ameropa – An International Agribusiness Giant

Ameropa is a Swiss based international company in the agricultural sector. Grains and fertilizers produced, originated and marketed by the company are distributed round the globe. Their business is not limited to grains and fertilizers; they also support auxiliary assets like warehouses, silos or port facilities. These assets are further utilized such as helping in up streaming like the ones for fertilizer production plants. Their main focus is not venturing each and every ground in the agri-business but to provide efficient facilities in what they are best at. Trading in grains and fertilizers thus remains their true focus. This belief has kept them master of grain and fertilizer business throughout the continents.

The chairman of the company, Andreas Zivy is among the third generation of the business empire built in 1948. Born in Basel in 1955, Zivy completed his early education in the Humanistic Secondary School. He is a graduate from Institute of Political Science, Paris. He then worked in Brazil for Bunge. His true career at Ameropa started when he joined Ameropa France S.A as Office Head. His other positions in different organizations include: S.I.A.M, Caen and Prochaska & Cie, Vienna. 1986 brought him the good news of becoming the Vice president of Ameropa. He continued with his hard work in the company and was rightly appointed the CEO in 1995 and also a member of the Board of Directors of the company. He is also acting as President of Board of Ameropa Holding AG. He is among the members who founded the Ameropa Foundation. He can speak and understand German, French, English and Portuguese. After Andreas Zivy’s taking over the company as Chairman, the company has seen much growth.

Ameropa is not focused on only the trading of grains. The company understands well the need of each fertilizer and its role in the crop health. After careful study and analysis of the role of each ingredient in the plant production, the company has started producing more than just fertilizers. Their other trade includes chemicals like caprolactam, methanol and butyl rubber.

As for their concern with grains, their members are actively busy at serving consumers by providing them with quality grains. It is often observed that regional climatic conditions are not ideal to provide for the good surplus food grains across the globe. Ameropa makes sure that the supply chain is kept steady and their contribution to each food store is sufficient to meet consumer needs. Their storage system makes sure that grains are not degraded earlier. Keeping them safe from climatic conditions, insects, sprouting, mildew and mice is the goal of their infrastructure.

The assets of the company aiding it in carrying out the business empire are their warehouses, silos and tanks. In the South-eastern part of Europe, they have silos and warehouse networks along with a fleet of trucks for grain operations. In North America, they lease warehouses on a long-term basis in the major crop regions in the Southwest and Midwest.

Agri Négoce is believed to be among the largest retailers of France. It has a storage capacity of 400,000 metric tons, annual purchase of 0.5mn metric tons and 32 retailing units of oilseeds and grains. Moreover, SETCO (Swiss Egyptian Tanking Company) carries out distribution of liquid fertilizer tanks in Egypt’s city of Alexandria and is a supporting partner of Ameropa in the Middle East. Similarly VLT Terneuzen is supporting it in trade in Western Europe for liquid fertilizer tanks.

SC Chimpex in Constanta and Ameropa Zitni Terminal in Croatia are major ports supporting the loading of grains and fertilizers for their shipment across all continents.

Ameropa is aiding farmers in underdeveloped countries with fertilizers, seeds and crop protection tools, thereby payment is collected only when the harvest is collected. The company then redistributes farmers’ harvest at their own risk.