All Hands Down for Melo – The People’s Choice Music Artist

We never would love music if it stops touching our soul; speaking to us like a voice from within; addressing things around us with melody which mere words just won’t convey. Music communes with our emotions and that’s why we love it. It delivers to us in conceptual rhythm what is appealing to us. However, without the right artist on stage, on air or chanting from the various technological output media we have around us, the story won’t be the same. This is why we call “all hands down” for some storming artist and we simply give a thumbs down to others who just won’t give what we want. We sometimes wonder why they are singing – maybe they should be on their way to Julliard School.

Apart from the aforementioned reasons why we stick to music, another major attraction is that it can deliver fun and at the same time deal with socioeconomic issues around us. This way, it arouses our emotion in a ‘fun’ way and also fixes our imperfections with knowledge. This is exactly what you get with Melo – a unique artist with eclectic blend of passion and insightful lyricism. Melo is particularly drawn to creating musical albums of songs that still gets emotional attention after many years so you can be sure of great communication through his music. Melo has released songs that will tell you more about this claim. Songs like “So Cold” of 2007’s EPU album, where he addresses the despondent issues of homelessness and “H.A.T.E”, also of EPU, where he reflects on the racial divisiveness in America. Check out his music on iTunes this is a must!

melo kan

This is one voice you don’t want to miss out in Hip Hop Music. If musical experience makes you think twice, Melo has quite an impressive musical experience and history. He founded his own company which he called 4Lb (Four pound) in the year 2002 and since then have been dishing out great musical essence. He’s also got an extensive catalogue of music stretching over ten mixtapes, two underground releases and six albums officially released on iTunes. Apart from his songs which have been featured in quite a number of places including Inland Empire’s Wild 97, he also has radio drops for Julio G and DJ Dense on Los Angeles’s 93.5 KDAY. In case you care to ask – Any awards? Yes! Melo won the Independent Music Award – People’s Choice album of the year 2008 for his EPU release.

Still about his musical history, he has performed live on same stages with artists like Dead Prez, Little Brother and Nappy Roots. Melo recently toured with K. D. Brosia and will be releasing a collaborative album with the same artist come fall of 2014 – I bet it’ll be worth waiting for. The special single you don’t want to miss out is Hustle in My Blood.” This is one big hit and is made available for download on iTunes. I bet you’ll love it and be grateful for this headlight I’m giving. Don’t waste time lest you forget what’s for you. Get on it NOW and enjoy Melo’s musical vibe.