Alien Abductions and UFOs – What is the Difference?

It may sound to be contradictory, but there is a difference between the UFO phenomenon and the alleged extraterrestrial abduction phenomenon. In actuality, they are different concepts that have some common threads. Both involve dreams and experiences of either abduction or UFO sightings, but they do not have the same outcome. This article will explore the differences between the two.

Abduction, or the abduction of an alien from another planet or star system, is the direct opposite of UFO sightings. The abduction of an alien from Earth, from a UFO, is an experience of an unknown body in an unknown environment. For many abductees, the entire incident is extremely frightening. Others experience no more than a mild fear, but others suffer from real physical trauma. Either way, it is not a pleasant experience.

While most abductees report seeing lights, chirping noises, and a sense of nausea upon awakening, most do not encounter physical contact with an unidentified flying object or space craft. Some may engage in extreme contact behavior; they will attempt to interact with the unknown craft, but do not find it to be human-like.

Extraterrestrial abduction is where the unknown object is placed in a vessel on the Earth and controlled by those in a position of authority. Some of these people are government officials, others can be scientists. Some of the more popular ones are academics, although there are some reports of military personnel participating in such scenarios.

Some of the encounters involved in this type of situation are very similar to the ones in UFOs, but other conditions are quite different. For example, the ship is often taken out into deep water where it is subjected to rough weather conditions and exposed to the elements for extended periods of time. With no air circulation or provisions for heat, the people are kept uncomfortable and cold.

Organisms and living matter are finding on the ship and the occupants often live there for years. Finally, the beings are teleported to a location on Earth where they are able can live comfortably in comfortable surroundings.

The above scenario is the most mundane form of this type of event, but there is also the claim that the human intervention was not even needed. It could have happened with a mere wave of the hand. It could also be argued that these people were not abducted by aliens; they were abducted by these well-known “experts” that appear on daytime television shows and talk shows.

There is evidence to support both reports, however, abduction is different from abduction. The former does not involve the placement of any foreign object in the hands of some “professor” but involves a non-terrestrial being, which must be firmly convinced of its existence.

The latter, on the other hand, involves some degree of human interference with the intelligence of a non-living, non-communicating entity. While many of these cases involve remote viewing, the capability is not required. Some entities are simply acting on their own volition, while others are responding to a standard message from their “higher” selves.

Another distinction between alien abduction and UFO sightings is the differences in the later, without alien intervention. It is the perception of the witnesses that the entity has been forcibly removed from its vehicle or craft and brought to Earth. While this is generally true, it is very rare for anything more than that to happen.

It is typically the case that when a form of mental distress occurs for the human being, there is no need for the intervention of any type of third party. Any of the abductees have witnessed and experienced abduction by a non-human intelligence, whether from a spacecraft, or space station, or some other place beyond the boundaries of our solar system.

With the use of modern technology and the ability to tap into our remote viewing technology, it is possible to study the distant background of the UFO phenomenon. It appears, however, that the vast majority of human history remains completely unexplainable by means of the reports of UFO sightings and abduction.