A Photo Essay on the Life and Artwork of Alice Ball

Ever since Alice Ball, a very talented and well-known artist, moved to the United States to take advantage of the advanced education opportunities available in this country, she has chosen to create art that reflects her African American heritage. In this article I am going to discuss her art and history of African American art.

During the time of the American Indian, which was roughly thirteen hundred years ago, there were two groups of tribes. One group of Indians are the original inhabitants of this land and the other is a different group who came later and settled on the land. They belonged to many different groups, like the tribes of Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and West Virginia. The new settlers were slaves, mostly from South Africa.

Alice Ball’s own ancestors were originally from West Virginia. When Alice was four years old her mother bought her first painting of a wildcat running after her.

Alice was born and raised in Harlem. She was adopted by a family from France. Her mother took her to Paris and then to Hawaii, where she was allowed to stay for three months. Here, she experienced the culture and language of the Polynesians.

These travels and trips were very educational for Alice, who was studying English in high school at the time. She made the decision at the end of her third year to go back to the United States because she wanted to attend art school.

Alice was accepted into Brown University and then went to Columbia University to study History of Art. When she graduated from college, she decided to move to New York City and pursue a career in Art History.

Alice Ball did her Ph.D. at the School of Visual Arts in New York City. At the School of Visual Arts she received a Masters of Fine Arts degree in American and African American Art. Her dissertation was titled “The Tarot And Other Vignettes in Amerindian and Other American Cultures”. Her thesis was written after many years of research, interviews, and travel.

After completing her dissertation, she began to focus on African American Art History of the Caribbean. Here she would write about the painters and artisans who were part of the Native American and African American cultures. She was also interested in the art of the Native Americans and was taught how to look at things that were quite unique.

The first thing that Alice Ball did when she arrived in the United States was to start her own small gallery in Harlem. Since she had no money, she worked as a receptionist in a bar. It was during this time that she began to become famous.

When she finally returned to the United States, Alice Ball moved to Georgia and opened up her own gallery. Her artwork became so popular that it became illegal to use her work in any American publications or galleries. But since she could show her work anywhere she wanted to in the world, her gallery flourished and went on to become the largest gallery in Atlanta.

It is this story of Alice Ball, an African American who became famous because of her African American art and history of African American art, that is given to us by the great African American artist and novelist, Langston Hughes. Alice Ball was told that if she had made the same choice to leave her home in Harlem and go to the United States, she would never have become famous. But Alice defied this idea, and today she is a living legend because of her life of creativity, dedication, and work ethic.