A Haiku For You On Amazon

I can see somewhat distrust in your eyes right at the topic that reads “A Haiku for you on Amazon”. Believe you me there’s no hanky panky in the title – rather a simple statement about the availability of the book “A Haiku” on amazon.com for your purchase. Wanna read it free? Author of the book James K. Moore has an answer to it for you. Browse the page http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/7845392.James_K_Moore and follow the necessary steps there for reading it free.

What is Haiku?

Before taking up your journey on Haiku you will like to know what Haiku is all about for sure. Haiku is essentially a short form of Japanese poetry and is characterized by collocation (grouping of words in a sentence), 17 On (1 On = counting of phonetic sounds in Japanese poetry) and a Kigo (a word or phrase that refers to a specific season in Japanese poetry). Onus to mention here is that a Kigo is usually drawn out of Saijiki (an extensive and prolific list of Kigo meant for Japanese poetry).

Coming this far I’m sure your head is spinning. Don’t worry – you rather relax and enjoy your reading while the author James K. Moore makes things easy for you.

What’s special about American Haiku?  

The influx of Haiku in America can be traced to way back in 1854 when a treaty on trade and communication was signed between the governments of US and Japan. It in other words can be termed as the corridor for Haiku in the western markets. Haiku however came into limelight in America in the year 1960 when a bunch of academics and others accustomed with Japanese took the initiative to popularize this. The basic difference between American Haiku and Japanese Haiku lies in the fact that Haiku groups in Japan are formed around a Haiku master popularly called Sensei while American Haiku groups are rather influenced by the Buddhists temples and other Japanese cultural centers.

A Haiku by James K. Moore:

James K. Moore is a Chicago born poet who loves and follows contemporary writing. As such the book “A Haiku” from James K. Moore has certain distinguishing elements into it such as poetic imagery in a complex love. Read it for knowing it better.