9/11 Cover Up Facts – Interesting Facts About the Cover Up

Two years ago, the world’s biggest cover up began and it continues to this day with new crazed conspiracies. The question now is; will it ever end?

When mysterious airplane contrails suddenly appeared over the Pentagon on that beautiful summer morning in 2020, most people assumed it was nothing more than smoke from a fire. Then came the strange reports of loud explosions and no apparent physical damage. The military made a series of press releases, but the public was completely unaware of what was going on.

A bomb went off inside the building but there were no injuries and no one was killed or wounded early morning hours after the first crash. This unusual event had everyone thinking that the Twin Towers had been brought down by a controlled demolition. The question was; how could this happen?

Unusual objects were seen flying all over the place, but no one could figure out what it was. One Pentagon employee stated that the smoke-like contrails could have been caused by military aircraft flying in formation, so he went to look at the flight paths of those planes and then noticed strange patterns in the clouds, which turned out to be exactly what he saw.

It turned out that many of the strange objects were falling and not crashing, so we know now that they must have been charged. However, the Pentagon had several fuel tanks on the roof, so it made no sense to bomb that area and try to get the aircraft out of the way of the fire. Yet, the media reported that the plane crashed into the Pentagon because the plane was shot down.

Strange animal calls were heard coming from the aircraft, but these too were blamed on military transmissions, even though the military transmissions are common practice. We can now see that this was one of the oddest cover up stories I have ever heard, with the thousands of dollars spent and the many hours of time wasted, yet the strange noises still did not occur when they were supposed to.

But that is not the only strange UFO crash to occur, as the media had them all covered. In this case, there was a report that a huge spaceship had crashed on the ocean floor, and there were eyewitnesses that saw such an event.

In that same article, they reported that the government had once again covered up something incredible and would not be sharing any of the facts with the public, and people were jumping to new conspiracy theories about aliens, aliens flying around on underground craft, aliens from outer space, and so on. There was no mention of aliens or UFOs during that event either.

Then there was another strange object landing on the Washington Mall, as strange objects were seen in the skies above the Mall and no one was at fault. Then there was a strange car that crashed in the woods at close range to the White House; it was also covered up by the media.

No plane crashed into the World Trade Center, but it seems that the government buildings have become a convenient target for terrorists, so that is a good question. But no planes hit the Pentagon, so that is another oddity that is still unexplained.

Even the news reports that say that a car ran into the Pentagon and knocked it down really didn’t say anything about massive Billy clubs being used, so where are the witnesses? It’s all very strange and there are so many more anomalies to investigate.

So now you know some of the 9/11 Cover Up Facts. Hopefully, one day, all of these mysteries will be cleared up.