5 highest paying jobs for summer interns

For students’ fresh out of college, you know that getting a good job is difficult with no experience. To

So what are the internships that not only pay, but pay the most? Let’s start in descending order:

All Salaries are sourced via Glassdoor


5. Facebook


Facebook ranks number 5 in the list of highest paying jobs in internships.

Average Monthly Base Pay: $6,213


Below are the jobs available in Facebook, these jobs have a concentration in the U.S., namely Seattle and California.


Analytics – Data Scientist – Analytics

Design – UX Researcher

Monetization – Quantitative Researcher – Advertising Effectiveness

Software Engineering – Data Science & Front End Engineer



4. LinkedIn


LinkedIn ranks number 4 in the list of highest paying jobs in internships and has a global presence.

Average Monthly Base Pay: $6,230

LinkedIn has a lot of internships to mention here hence some are shown below, however to know more you can go here

  • Technical Writer Intern
  • Analytics Application Engineer Intern
  • Applied Data Mining Intern
  • Product Analytics Intern
  • SNA Software Engineering Intern

LinkedIn jobs are available in the U.S. in California, San Francisco, Sunny Vale, New York, Chicago and Omaha.

They also have Jobs available in India, Australia, Japan and Singapore.



3. Twitter


Linked In ranks number 3 in the list of highest paying jobs in internships but has very limited job openings.

Average Monthly Base Pay: $6,791

Current internship available in Twitter is:

Software Engineer, Entry-Level


They have job openings throughout the world but the internship openings are very limited.


2. VMware


VMWare is software giant and has internship opening all over the world and surprisingly ranks 2 in the list

Average Monthly Base Pay: $6,966

They too have a huge list which you can see here

  • Prime locations for internships are:
  • Palo Alto, CA
  • Unterschleissheim Germany
  • Frimley United Kingdom
  • Sofia Bulgaria
  • Cork Ireland
  • Buenos Aires Argentina
  • Utrecht Netherlands


1. Palantir Technologies


Palantir Technologies, Inc. is an American software and computer services company.They specialise in data research. Primary clients for Palantir are the US government, and after 2010, financial customers. (Source Wikipedia)

Palantir tops the list with the highest paying internship programmes. It’s not a widely known company but they also have a worldwide presence. Below are some programmes they have to offer:

  • Engineer for Internal Applications
  • Software Engineer
  • Software Engineer for Simulation
  • Engineer for Build Systems
  • Engineer for Product Support Team
  • Engineer for Forward Deployed
  • Engineer for Forward Deployed Software
  • Engineer for Full Stack Software
  • Product Designers
  • Visual Designers


Palantir has jobs to offer in these locations:

  • Palo Alto, California
  • Abu Dhabi, UAE
  • Asia Pacific
  • Australia
  • Europe
  • Latin America


The competition for these jobs is very fierce and not everyone will make it through. But do not get disheartened by this fact as there are a lot of companies that also pay a decent amount for internships. Always remember this that internships are not for gaining money. They are for gaining knowledge skill and hands on training which will then help you to get a good and decent paying job in the future.