4 Most Important Things About Juneteenth

Many people choose to commemorate the end of slavery with an observance of Juneteenth. However, there are several other important Juneteenth traditions that are practiced all across the country. Here are some of the more popular ones.

Probably the most famous Juneteenth custom is the Juneteenth parade. The spirit of unity is one that is embodied in this tradition. A march is held through the town and honors all those who have worked and sacrificed for the freedom of their ancestors. The route for the parade is one that is chosen by the local high school marching band as a way to show pride in their schools.

There are also some traditional honor bands that participate in this fun event. The celebration of Juneteenth starts at dusk and continues well into the night. Many people walk out onto the streets to celebrate their freedom, but many more people watch from their homes with their neighbors. Many houses and businesses are decorated in the traditional black and red colors of the American flag.

Honorees are usually dressed in their traditional dresses and wear red, white, and blue colors. They carry the flag and move down the streets with their band to make sure everyone knows their heritage. On special occasions like this, they also allow people to take out their spirit picture. This picture can be taken on any day that the local community celebrates and holds a Juneteenth celebration.

During the Juneteenth march, the honor band marches down the streets and have a dance. Then, they hold a traditional gathering where everyone gets together and sings traditional songs. It’s always fun to listen to traditional songs and feel free in your own home. Sometimes, if the band is a little on the old side, they will dance around to songs and make it a little bit more of a funky atmosphere.

Revelers love to get into the spirit of the festivities. Many people in the crowd have gathered at the house of their grandparents for a party. The festivities continue into the night and many people stay late to enjoy the festivities.

Every year, the local sports teams come to celebrate the end of slavery. They will do some entertaining, play games and then finally give their team speech. Everyone is asked to stand up and raise their right hand to pledge their loyalty to the United States of America.

Years ago, some athletes felt that the ceremony was being overdone, so they created something even more dramatic and that is the idea of holding the ceremony in the evening instead of the day. The extra money raised from the evening ceremony will go to the American Civil Liberties Union to help them educate citizens about the slavery and segregation laws that still exist today.

This is the most important event in Juneteenth history. People show their true colors during this time. Some people dress up in period costume, have a small family reunion, and do some honest to goodness talking about how their ancestors struggled to live and be free. Then, they take a bunch of pictures and make a super tote bag out of paper and bring it to school as a graduation gift.

During World Wars I and II, this was an annual tradition. Students would get together and sing in a patriotic style and then march in formation, sing and wave the flag. Then, they were on their way to class. The event is known as the National Marching Day.

Another great thing about this celebration is that it has such a wide variety of foods that you can enjoy. There are plenty of barbeque, jukebox music, and food. There are often potluck or good old fashion cafeteria-style dinners and the students even get to choose what they want to eat. Many people find that they eat healthy and simple.

Lots of people have heard of this celebration, but not many people really understand what the celebration is all about. Maybe, that’s why it’s so well attended and celebrated each year. Each year, people learn more about the history and how history plays a big part in our lives.