24/7: An Inspirational Hip Hop Artist and Model Drop Single Out The Mud

For years, there has been a stigma among mentally challenged individuals out there. But 24/7 proved many people wrong. Despite his mental disability, he’s making a name in the music industry. Who would have ever thought that a young man with special needs could take hip hop by storm?

24/7 made the impossible possible. As mentally challenged hip hop artist in Atlanta, he was born with Waardenburg Syndrome, a condition that causes hearing loss and changes in hair coloring. Despite the criticism and stereotyping from many, he recently launched his new single called, Out of the Mud, which is available on iTunes and other music streaming sites online.

At a young age, 24/7 had a great potential to create a buzz in Hip Hop. With his years of self-training and learning, he has transformed into a versatile and inspirational artist. He’s hardworking, patient, and persistent in pursuing a career in the music industry.

24/7 worked hard to produce his newest single. He even recorded it in his sister kitchen for days. From sleepless nights to days of despair, Out of the Mud is no doubt a relatable, timely, interesting, and unique piece of music for people of all ages.

However, 24/7 is currently an unsigned artist looking for a manager that can help fulfill his dreams, share his talents to the world, inspire other people, motivate young artists with special needs, open opportunities for talented hip hop artists, and stop the stigma for their condition.

For years, 24/7 was able to enter the music industry without a manager. His natural talent, charisma, motivation, and hard work have been his strengths to capture the heart of many.

Aside from music, 24/7 excels in the modeling industry in Atlanta. With his height, complexion, and eyes, it’s no surprise why he even succeeds as a model. What makes him different from others is his perseverance. As he walks down the stage, he catches the attention and interest of many individuals. He is indeed an epitome of positivity and courage.

24/7 also has an album called PradaBoyDigital with approximately 35 tracks. Whether you’re in search of lively, inspirational, unique, or refreshing songs, you probably have come to the right place. It has everything you look for as a big fan of music.

His mother and father are deaf and mute. He was raised just like a typical young man in Atlanta, GA. Instead of giving up, his simple living has inspired him a lot. With his single Out of the Mud, everyone can be sure of its quality, uniqueness, and creativity. It is a must-have single for all.

Indeed, a disability shouldn’t be a hindrance for any individual to make their dreams happen. That’s what 24/7 can inculcate into the minds of aspiring hip hop artists and models out there.

For those who are interested in guiding him to the success he deserves, feel free to follow him on social media Instagram @1pradaboy and Twitter @1pradaboy. He would appreciate your help. You can also stream on Apple Music and buy his single on iTunes https://music.apple.com/album/1462180202 and be captivated with his upbeat music.